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MvMonster Miva Utility Modules Offer Extra Features that Increase your Shoppers Experience that will keep them Coming Back for More.

AddShoppers Coupon Rewards
AddShoppers Coupon Rewards

Now announcing AddShoppers Coupon Rewards for Miva Merchant 5.5, a new module brought to you by AddShoppers and e-Business Express. AddShoppers Coupon Rewards provides Miva Merchant store owners with the abi... Read More

Miva FAQ Manager MvFAQManager
Miva FAQ Manager MvFAQManager MvFAQManager provides a simple but robust system for collecting, answering, and displaying frequently asked questions on a per-product level.... Read More

Miva Admin Notes MvAdminNotes
Miva Admin Notes MvAdminNotes MvAdminNotes enables Miva 5 store administrators to add administrative products notes to any product record. This module is very usefull in keeping notes on last product price and or informational updates. Note... Read More

Miva Order Monitoring MvOrderPulse
Miva Order Monitoring MvOrderPulse MvOrderPulse will email the storeowner whenever orders per interval hits a floor or ceiling.... Read More

MvQuickAudit MvQA (Quick Audit) allows you to easily:
  • Review order summaries
  • Search for orders
  • View order totals for specified dates
  • And archive order summaries
Simp... Read More

Miva Product Comparison MvCompare
Miva Product Comparison MvCompare MvCompare will enable you to quickly add a product comparison template to any Miva 5 store.... Read More