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Every month MvMonster's Miva Merchant Developers launch new Miva 5 Modules allowing Miva Store Owners to further grow there online store. MvMonster's Miva 5 Modules start off as ideas from Miva Store Owners, if you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to Send a Request.

Authorize.Net CIM Connect for Miva Merchant
Authorize.Net CIM Connect for Miva Merchant

Now with Authorize.Net CIM Connect for Miva Merchant, you can store your customersí sensitive payment information on Authorize.Netís secure servers during checkout. CIM Connect helps eliminate steps in the c... Read More


MvClone enables merchants to make exact copies of existing products by simply supplying a new product code.

Select the product you wish to duplicate and choose the new product code you'd like to use.... Read More

Miva Mobile Module
Miva Mobile Module MvMobile for Miva Merchant allows you to quickly and easily translate your online Miva Merchant 5+ store to a fully functioning mobile store; extending your online store to the mCommerce marketplace... Read More

Miva Product Comparison MvCompare
Miva Product Comparison MvCompare MvCompare will enable you to quickly add a product comparison template to any Miva 5 store.... Read More

Miva FAQ Manager MvFAQManager
Miva FAQ Manager MvFAQManager MvFAQManager provides a simple but robust system for collecting, answering, and displaying frequently asked questions on a per-product level.... Read More

Related Products Basket MvCartAdvisor
Related Products Basket MvCartAdvisor MvCartAdvisor integrates easily into the merchant's basket page to provide specific recommendations for additional purchases based off the most recent addition to the customers basket.

The mod... Read More

Product Sample MvSampleProduct
Product Sample MvSampleProduct MvSampleProduct allows merchants to quickly and easily offer samples of any product in their inventory without the need for additional product creation. Pricing, shipping, and other restrictions are configura... Read More

Minimum Advertised Pricing Module - MvBestOffer
Minimum Advertised Pricing Module - MvBestOffer MvBestOffer enables merchants to provide their customers with a custom sale price for any products they wish to make available at an alternate price which they may be prohibited from advertising. This "Best Of... Read More

Miva Order Monitoring MvOrderPulse
Miva Order Monitoring MvOrderPulse MvOrderPulse will email the storeowner whenever orders per interval hits a floor or ceiling.... Read More

Miva Admin Notes MvAdminNotes
Miva Admin Notes MvAdminNotes MvAdminNotes enables Miva 5 store administrators to add administrative products notes to any product record. This module is very usefull in keeping notes on last product price and or informational updates. Note... Read More